Mass Picture Dump

Stuck in Vancouver Airport, but they have free wi-fi!  Uploaded the rest of the pictures (We didn’t do much on Day 7) for your enjoyment.

Day 2

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Day 3

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Day 4

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Day 5

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Day 6

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Broken wi-fi connection + slow public computers running IE6 over a proxied satalite uplink = no major updates… We’ll be near Skagway tomorrow, hopefully they have enough Verizon juice for the EVDO modem to work…

(For the non-geeks, my interweb here is less than ideal, and I hope to have a better connection tomrrow)

Travel, Vancouver, Sleep

Short post today, too much travelling.  We made it to Vancouver (by way of Dallas… we had a 4 hour stay over there, which we spent in AAwhich I’ve never seen before, so I took pictures so you can see what it looks like])… Flight from Dallas to Vancouver was delayed an hour, which botched our restaurant reservation at Tojo’s… We settled for hotel room service…

Sleep now… maybe write more later.

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Angels, Demons, and BBQ

Today I travelled to Charlotte to meet up with my travelling companion, Katy, and another NC BFF, Amanda…   Upon arrival in Charlotte, I was picked up by Amanda and whisked away to the official stock car capital of the world, Lancaster’s BBQ.     It was here that I was treated to some fried pickles (both regular and Cajun style), which tasted exactly like one would imagine (fried and delicious)… I also had a BBQ pork sandwich, thus introducing myself to the Eastern North Carolina school of BBQ (I didn’t eat the cole slaw though, so I’m not sure if it my experience is truly complete) … While my neck failed to turn into a shade of red, there may be hope for me yet.

Later that day Amanda transferred me over to Katy, where I was dragged along a helpful companion in her quest to find “something white.”   Clothes were purchased, and we decided to see Angels and Demons..  Quick bullets follow…

  • I always love seeing Stellan Skarsgård in movies.  Maybe it’s the accent, because I also liked seeing Armin Mueller-Stahl
  • It was fairly tame as far as the whole “mysteries of the Vatican” angle goes, same with the Illuminati stuff.   Now if the Illuminati were posing as Bilderbergers, that might have been more controversial…
  • I admit I was surprised as to who the ultimate villain was, nice job faking me out…  That said, antimatter belongs in Star Trek, not thrillers…

Afterwards we picked up some Coldstone ice cream and rejoined with Amanda to conclude the evening… Tomorrow: Vancouver!

Picture fail again today… I only took two good ones of lunch, and they were (again) with the iPhone… Tomorrow I will have my camera at the ready, so hopefully that should turn into something entertaining visuals wise…

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